Welfare and Kiwi fuel cards have negotiated a win win fuel offer for both you and Taradale RSA!

There are so many great reasons to sign up with Kiwi Fuelcards.

 MOBIL CARD DISCOUNT (Based on Pump Pricing)
Diesel and Petrol at service stations and truckstops – 11 cents per litre

Mobil has an extensive network of acceptor sites including 170 Mobil branded service stations and 121 Mobil distributor sites.

Nationwide Mobil Coverage throughout the country

All Mobil branded service stations accept the Kiwi Fuelcard’s Mobilcard.

So do many distributor sites such as Allied Petroleum, Waitomo Petroleum and Nelson Petroleum.

…but not all…

Some Mobil distributor sites are not part of the official Mobil network. Just ask them the next time you pop in or download our Station Finder App to have a look at our coverage.

Discounts From The Displayed Pump Price

Our Mobilcard will always give you a discount from the displayed pump price when you fill

We’re delighted to have long-standing relationships with New Zealand’s major fuel partners, which allows us to pass great savings on to you.

For the last 15 years, we have worked alongside Mobil, Caltex and BP to offer our customers fantastic fuel savings across New Zealand, at over 900 stations! As well as Mobil, Caltex, BP and G.A.S stations, we also offer discounted fuel at truck stops throughout the country, so wherever you are, you’re never far from discounted fuel through Kiwi Fuelcards.